Grade Your Website
Grade Your Website

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Website Optimization Checklist

Access a free checklist to maximize your website's performance, SEO, and security.

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This Website Optimization Checklist

Will Help You Perfect Your Website's: 



Nobody likes to wait for the internet. Website speed is key, because it makes you viewers happy and ensures that they come back more often!


When you can't find your website in a search engine, it's like looking for the needle in an ever-growing haystack.


It pays to keep your site secure and protected from intruders.

Your company's website is a powerful first impression tool, a resource for ensuring customer retention, and a way for you to promote your brand.  So, why wouldn't you have it optimized?Use this checklist to organize your priorities for website optimization, from SEO, to site performance, to mobile optimization, to security
- Drew Barker, CEO | Crafting Hand